Better Wellbeing
For All Children

Muse Wellbeing provides holistic RSHE and wellbeing learning materials for Primary school aged children. Our weekly lesson plans and resources are created by teachers to be fun, engaging and inspiring for all children.

We believe in nurturing the growth of resilient and caring students in all schools.


Muse learning resources are created using the latest research to enable student engagement and support.

Weekly Lessons
From Year 1
To Year 6
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Of Differentiated
One Curriculum. Complete Wellbeing.

Muse Wellbeing is fully aligned to meet and exceed the 2020 RSHE statutory guidance.

We believe in nurturing the growth of resilient and caring children in all schools.

Empower your community’s Wellbeing with weekly lesson plans and tailored learning resources.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic to introduce the Muse curriculum to our school. The students are loving the lessons and are really starting to express their own ideas and feelings. It’s made a big impact already and we’re just starting our second term of learning. We love it!” Ashford Primary Headteacher
“The resources are really fun and easy to use. My students loved them in our Y2 class and we did some great activities that helped generate discussions on feelings and mental health.” Sarah, Year 3 classroom teacher
“I needed something a bit more modern and up to date for my smaller groups. We really benefited from the weekly lessons and I very much liked how the skills built over the term.” Lily, SENCO and pastoral care lead
“Colourful, bright lessons that are easy for all children to access and challenge themselves with. A calming time of the week for us to share ideas and reflect on our progress and thoughts.” Alan, Year 6 teacher
The Muse Curriculum’s
Five Core Values
Mental &
Positive & Respectful Relationships
Citizenship &
Community Care
Personal Growth
& Economic
Citizenship &
Online Safety
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